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GFC TV Ep 008: What Happens When Your Spouse Isn’t On Board With The Finances?

Yikes! Have you and your spouse been in the deepest of arguments about money before? Reality is, you’re not alone.

In this GFC TV episode I’m tackling a reader’s question that I’m sure many couples will be able to related to.

Reader’s Question: “The biggest problem I have besides budgeting is having a spouse flat out refuse to help. He gives me via direct deposit the paycheck from his first job which is about $300 a week take home. The second which is cash, that he uses to do whatever he desires. He refuses to cut back on any services, cable, etc. We attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University a few years back and the furthest we’ve come since is finally making a budget and sharing a bills account, but he isn’t interested in any future goals.

My student loans were my deal, I worked part-time too to fill in the budget gap to make headway on bills. So for a year now, I’ve been taking care of savings, planning and bill paying. We have three children at home or else I’d work full time. So I don’t want to hear, we need time to work together or thoughts on his behavior, I want to hear as I see others in my position how to make financial change without the spouse on board.” – Dawn

Watch and see how I think Dawn might be able to move forward and how we’ve been able to make money and marriage goals together.

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