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Why Do You Need Agency Collection Bonds?

Note: Always do your own research and due diligence before working with any company or investing in anything.

It’s no secret that the debt trap has caught millions of American individuals, families, and businesses. Debt is emerging as the next economic slavery frontier and tool. All this is happening when the world economy is reeling from the effects of the ongoing Coronavirus that has sunk millions into debt.

Consequently, creditors are having a hard time collecting their debts from their debtors. Collection agencies come into the picture at this point. However, these middlemen have a tightrope to walk. They must balance between their inconvenienced customers and equally inconvenienced but willing debtors who can’t pay.

Moreover, modern bond collection agencies are playing in a field that’s marred by a history of a bad reputation in the public eye. Until the early 80s, debt collectors were viewed as rogue and heartless agents who cared about nothing but their commissions. Thus, the government stepped in to enforce laws to protect debtors and creditors. Additionally, these agencies play in a field that requires them to handle sensitive customer financial details. Therefore, there’s a need for trust on their customers’ side and humanity on the debtors’ side, sandwiching them between customers and debtors.

Most states mandated surety bonds for all collection agencies before receiving registration to address the above issues. This way, they can guarantee that they will handle the monies they collect from outstanding debts according to the law. These states have made laws that compel collection agencies to remit all their collections after collecting all the commissions or fees they agree upon with their clients.

The good news is that collection agencies can operate in this space without fear of bad reputations. One way of accomplishing this is by getting collection agency bonds from reputable firms. These bonds help collection firms to prove that their respective states have approved them to collect debts. They also show that the agencies can conduct business in a legally and ethically sound manner.

Additionally, their clients can deal with them, knowing that they have a strong legal recourse to resort to if the company does anything unethical and illegal. Thus, they can operate with peace of mind being assured that they will not lose their long-awaited payments.

So, why do collection agencies need collection agency bonds? How do these bonds benefit them and their customers? Keep reading this post to learn more about these bonds and other facts about them.

But before delving into the details of why your agency needs surety bonds, it’s necessary to get some facts about them. Here are the essential facts about collection agency bonds.

  • All American states have different licensing and registration requirements for collection agencies. Therefore, check out the specific requirements governing collection firms in your resident state.
  • So far, bonds are not mandatory in all 50 states. Thus, find out to find if your state is exempted.
  • Every applicant should apply directly with the state where they do business or with the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS).


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