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Discover it® Credit Card Review – Get Cash Back Rewards

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. Find more of the other best cash back credit cards offers.

The Discover it® – Cash Back makes a habit of saying no. No annual fee, no late fee on your first late payment, and no APR hike for paying late. Discover®’s latest incarnation of cash back cards aims to simplify the relationship between cardholder and card issuer into one of easy cooperation.

The Discover it® – Cash Back maintains 5 percent cash back on featured categories that change each quarter, subject to spend cap and provided you remember to sign up at the start of each promotional period. However, your other purchases earn a consistent 1 percent cash back with no required spending threshold. Real rebate hackers may find better percentages with some of Discover it®’s competitors, but the consistency makes tracking rewards very easy.

Check out other cash back rewards credit cards offers and find the best one for you.

In This Article:

  • An initial experience informed by high-tech unboxing
  • Service and support from real, live people
  • Building brand loyalists, one silver box at a time

An initial experience informed by high-tech unboxing

Speaking about the new Discover it® – Cash Back with company spokeswoman Laura Gingiss, I learned that the team behind this new account wanted to bring back some of the glamour and excitement around getting a new credit card. That’s why the Discover it® – Cash Back arrives at your home with some of the trappings usually reserved for a bank’s most elite cardholders.

Your card arrives inside a rectangular box, decked out in faux brushed metal. Inside, you’ll find a red card of significantly better build quality than the typical bank card. If it feels like what happens when you open a product from Apple or Bose, that’s by design. Discover® wants you to feel good about using this card, and that emotional connection starts with this premium experience.

Service and support from real, live people

Discover® emphasizes that you’ll have access to a live human being inside the United States when you call for support. It’s a standout feature in an environment when many other banks have resorted to offshore service centers and automated attendants. It’s an expensive move, but immediate assistance from Discover®’s award-winning service and fraud resolution teams can win your loyalty for life.

Their Freeze It℠ on/off switch prevents new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers in seconds. You’re never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover card, and they give you your FICO® credit score for free on your statements and online.

Building brand loyalists, one silver box at a time

Having expanded into student loans and personal mortgages, Discover hopes that your positive perception of their brand will translate into more business. Even the act of making a credit card you want to use can inspire you to ask more retailers to accept your Discover it® – Cash Back. The Discover® team has produced an account that restores the dignity — and a lot of fun — to carrying a credit card.

Discover® also offers other variations of this card that may better suit your needs. Be sure to read these additional reviews:

Discover it® Balance Transfer Offer

The Discover it® Balance Transfer arrived on the market with heavy fanfare, including lots of television ads and billboards touting personal service and a new rebate structure that frees customers from most cash back traps. Discover®’s 18-month introductory balance transfer hits a sweet spot if you’re among the millions of Americans trying to shed an “average” credit card balance. Plus, you get your FICO® Credit Score online and on your monthly statement for free.

Discover it® Cash Back for Students

Discover® has made strong inroads into student borrowing over the past few years. Discover it® Cash Back for Students represents the bank’s latest foray onto college campuses, with pricing and features that resemble full-featured credit cards more than the typical, watered-down student accounts on the market.


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